Industrial Services

APTS offers general and specialist shutdown and maintenance services that are time-critical, ensuring safe and efficient operations of the clients’ assets. This includes Chemical Cleaning, an efficient and cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils/grease, and other obtrusive contaminants from tainted surfaces.

APTS also offers specialist Nitrogen services, for a variety of applications ranging from individual components to entire plants. This includes, but is not limited to; Nitrogen Purging and Blanketing, Drying, Pigging, and Leak Testing.

Additionally, we offer Helium Leak detection, with the addition of 1% Helium to Nitrogen which forms an extremely effective medium for leak detection.


Our services include:

  • Pressure and Temperature Instrument Calibrations
  • Chemical Cleaning & Passivation
  • Pigging
  • Heat Exchanger Services
  • Nitrogen Purging and Drying
  • Reactor Hot Stripping
  • Reactor Cooldown Services
  • Sludge Profiling
  • Remote Tank Cleaning
  • Oil Flushing


Please contact us for more information on our Industrial Services.