MICROWAVE NDT of Non-metallics

APTS has launched a revolutionary, industry-changing standard of testing.

This advanced Quality assurance system surpasses limited methods currently employed in Australia, by utilising highly sensitive electromagnetic inspection techniques.

Under an exclusive license, the microwave inspection technology confirms the integrity and quality of non-metallics including HDPE, Rubber, Fibreglass, and Composite materials. Teamed with industry-leading experience, this new service ensures the reliability and longevity of non-metallic components.

Live reporting data detects the quality of fusions, material density, evidence of crystallinity, and windowing.


This new NATA Accredited technology involves the integration of Non-Destructive Microwave Inspection, TOFD UT Inspection, Pressure Testing, and Mechanical Testing.

Detailed daily reporting is conducted on-site and provided directly to clients including tabled and charted data as well as visual thumbnail imaging.

The technology utilises highly sensitive electromagnetic inspection techniques to detect minute defects in dielectric properties (microwaves). These methods allow for increased sensitivity and depth of penetration over normal inspection methods.


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