Project Support

The APTS Testpacker Database combined with our test packs complements our Project Quality Systems. Providing full activity tracking and MDR compilation and completion, the use of test packs also assist welding QA personnel by providing traceable packages, which can be used to record all relevant weld information.

There are many additional advantages for using APTS’ onsite project services. Our range of services and experienced personnel provide exceptional project support and integration between the phases of project completion.

Some of the major project advantages include:

  • Increased productivity through clear objectives
  • Full traceability throughout construction program
  • Tracking of systems progress and completion
  • Base for effective management programs and planning
  • Systems customised to projects
  • Ensuring necessary approvals and signatures are obtained prior to next work activity commencing
  • Development of construction goals/priorities into small easily managed and achievable packages
  • Competent, trained and reliable testing personnel with ‘win-win’ solutions
  • Reduced safety risk of pre-commissioning activities
  • Easier MDR compilation
  • Ease of plant certification and licensing
  • Knowledge of best practices, efficiencies and experience in working effectively for your project
  • Advice and assistance with activity planning – avoid workplace conflicts and minimise double handling and rework of piping
  • Bridge the gap between construction and pre-commissioning/commissioning

Please contact us for more information on project QA/QC, support and integration services.