TestPack Development & Tracking

To assist our clients with tracking of construction activities, testing, weld traceability, pre-commissioning, commissioning and MDR compilation, APTS provides a progressive testpack development service.

Complementing the development of testpacks is APTS’ unique TestPacker © database, which records and tracks testpack information throughout the construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of a project. Benefits of this program include:

  • Recording and tracking of onsite activities
  • Ability to generate reports
  • Monitor costs, scheduling, construction, testing and commissioning activities

Our TestPacker Database © is a management tool designed primarily for the tracking of spooling, compiled into Testpacks across the entire construction program from spool fabrication through to commissioning activities. Our clients’ individual requirements are determined prior to commencing and all required information entered by our staff during the Testpack development.

Some of the main program functions include:

  • Tracking of line numbers against isometric drawing and P&ID’s with uniquely identified ‘Testpacks’, allowing for the effective planning of all construction, testing and commissioning activities
  • Records information relating to the specific lines, such as test pressure and type, flushing, cleaning, drying and purging requirements
  • Records milestone dates including punch listing, construction completion, test date and report numbers for each unique pack
  • Ability to track actual against estimated man hours, which can be allocated between construction and commissioning requirements
  • Unique flange identification during test pack development, allowing control of gasket quantities and flange management such as bolt torquing and number of completed flanges per system
  • Full traceability to increase confidence of leak testing and other commissioning activities
  • Multi-functioning report generation.

Please contact us for more information on test pack development, tracking services, or to obtain a quotation.