Project Information


Downers Group


Newmerella, VIC




Case Study


The plant (previously known as Patricia Baleen Gas Plant) is located in Newmerella Victoria and commenced operation in 2003.

Initially, the Orbost Gas Plant had not operated in years and had been in care and maintenance mode. It had since undergone several modifications over its life, including the introduction of gas and liquids from the Longtom field in 2009, the installation of a mercury reduction unit in 2010, and more recently, an inlet pressure reduction modification.

In 2014, further approvals were obtained which included a rezoning of the plant site to make it more compatible with future developments.

The Project

APTS was awarded the Orbost Gas Plant Upgrade contract, for valued client Downers Group, at the Orbost Gas Plant in regional Victoria.

Works included hydro testing, chemical cleaning, PSV certification and pre-commissioning for the new hydrogen sulphide treatment facility, thermal oxidiser and bioreactor tanks, along with the relocated flare, upgraded original plant, and modifications works.

Scope of Services

  • Hydro Testing
  • Chemical Cleaning Services
  • PSV Certification
  • Pre-commissioning Services


The plant is now fully operational, with the capacity to deliver up to 68 terajoules of natural gas per day into the East Coast Gas Grid, which is equivalent to approximately 12 per cent of the current demand in Victoria.