Project Information


MPC Kinetic


Tanami, NT




Case Study


Running for approximately 440km, the Tanami Gas Pipeline (TGP) pipeline transports up to 13TJ of natural gas per day to the gas-fired power stations at Granites and Dead Bullock Soak, which power the Tanami gold mine in the remote Tanami desert.

The Project

APTS had been contracted by MPC Kinetic to undertake the Hydro-Static Testing on the Mainline, Lateral, and HDD sections for the construction of the Tanami Gas Pipeline (TGP).

The 8” pipeline had a total of 7 Test Sections ranging from 74km to 41km in length, along with 1 Lateral pipeline at 850m.

APTS ran 2 separate work crews who worked independently from each other, starting at each end of the pipeline, moving towards the middle.

Scope of Services

  • Hydro Testing
  • Pigging
  • Pre-Cleaning
  • Testing
  • Post-Cleaning
  • Drying

The Result

After commissioning, practical completion was achieved on the Tanami Gas Pipeline in February 2019, with Newmont’s power stations currently taking gas.

Tanami Gas Pipeline
Tanami Gas Pipeline
Tanami Gas Pipeline