Calibration and Sales

“Speak to a Technician, not a Salesperson”

Our APTS Calibration and Sales team understand that clients need a fast and efficient service, which is why we always aspire to have your equipment tested and calibrated as quickly as possible.

Ensuring instruments are calibrated accurately requires a high level of expertise. APTS proudly ensures that every job meets stringent International and Australian Standards and we provide no less than NATA endorsed certification.

Our strategic alliances with preferred instrumentation manufacturers and distributors ensure APTS is able to supply customers with the best quality products in the shortest time possible.

Calibration Services:

  • From -95 kPa (vacuum) to 413 MPa (59,900 psi)
  • From 100 kPa to 413 MPa (59,900 psi)
  • From -95 kPa (vacuum) to 413 MPa (59,900 psi)
  • (Not requiring adjustments)