APTS has an extensive range of equipment to meet our clients’ pressure testing requirements and related needs, providing an extensive number of services both on and off-site.

In addition to our Workshop facilities, APTS has fully equipped mobile testing and certification facilities. This mobile service provides clients with the convenience of onsite PSV/PRV Certification, which can save time and money when compared to testing and certification off-site.

Providing industry-leading capabilities, with an extensive range of in-service and compliance NDT and Inspection techniques, APTS maintains a strong focus on planning, timing, and execution.

Unique to Australia is our innovative service to conduct on-site testing of HDPE electrofusion couplings, HDPE pipeline fusion welds, and equipment by means of Microwave Interferometry.


  • Hydro
  • Pneumatic
  • Fluorescein Dye Test
  • X-Ray and Gamma Radiography
  • Eddy Current
  • Ultrasonic
  • Magnetic
  • Dye Penetrant
  • Positive Materials Identification
  • Ferrite
  • Hardness
  • OpenVision/Go Scan C-View
  • PECT